Dialtone provides documented styles, elements, and components to help you quickly design, build, and ship unified experiences across Dialpad and UberConference.


Dialtone exists to help product and engineering teams create unified, consistent Dialpad experiences as quickly as possible. To achieve this goal, Dialtone has the following goals:

  1. Document established patterns, designs, and conventions for Dialpad products and services.
  2. Reduce the time needed for executing and implementing designs for the product team. This is done through maintained artwork library files, CSS styles, and Javascript.
  3. Reduce the amount of CSS and Javascript required in our products through reusabled, robost components and elements.
  4. Achieving the above goals allows us to work faster, efficiently, and focus on larger product problems.

Project Contributors

  • Nick Abasolo - Design
  • David Becher - Engineering
  • Drew Chandler - Design
  • Vicky Cheng - Design
  • Kaydee Desai - Design
  • Ted Goas - Design
  • Ben Holmes - Engineering
  • Joshua Hynes - Design
  • Trinh Nguyen - Project Manager